Death Road Downhill

The only thing we had in mind when we touched down in La Paz was getting lots of rest and catching up on sleep… but obviously not before taking our first proper shower in days.

Two days passed here and we barely left the hostel we’ve booked ourselves in, except to go look for some bikes to rent since we wanted to go downhill on the death road – an old deactivated road outside of La Paz. The rooftop bar parties are awesome and made it much easier to stay inside.

So today we woke up really early to meet with the guys we booked the bikes with. They drove us and our bikes to the top of the death road in a van where they dropped of uf before meeting us again a few hours later at the end of the death road.

At first the roads are paved and still have ongoing traffic but then you turn into this small trail by the right side of the road and the real adventure begins.


Tiny wet curvy unpaved downhill cliff roads.Whew. Loved it! If you manage your bike well it’s not dangerous at all, but since we were there we figured we would get some rush and go fast and edgy at it, literally.

After the road ended we met up with the van crew and had lunch in the middle of the jungle. If you’re ever in La Paz this is a must, the best touristy thing you will do around here.We are heading to Copacabana tomorrow morning, not sure yet if we are going stay there for the day. Stay tuned.

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