Hiking Isla Del Sol

After three days of pure laziness in La Paz we left for Copacabana, a small city by the Bolivian side of the Peruvian border. In between these two countries is the highest navigable lake in the world, Titicaca and our goal was to go to it’s main island Isla del Sol.

Me and Rodrigo decided we were going to take a boat to the island only on the morning, so we had a day to kill in Copacabana. We looked up and saw this really high spot by the side of the lake and despite the hazy weather we went up hiking it to check out the view.

As we were up there we got a good idea of the surroundings of the village so after we hiked down we immediately rented two motorcycles to explore the lake shore and the quinoa fields for the rest of the day.

Next morning we took the first ferry to the Isla del Sol to explore the island. We started hiking at south side of the island, where the ferry drop you off. We ignored the trail path the locals use on their daily island life and walked through the lower part of the island by the small lake beaches. We couldn’t resist getting in the water despite its low temperature, so me and Rodrigo now hold the “Swim the Highest Lake in The World” achievement.


After reaching the north side to watch an incredible sunset we returned through the pitch black trail to the southern tip since all of our stuff was there. I was amazed how not touristy the island was considering how beautiful it is compared to some other crowded places. Luckily we still found a place to rent a bed for the night and eat dinner.

By this time tomorrow we should be on a bus to Cusco, Peru.