Rio 2016 Olympics

I love last minute trips.

Last Wednesday at around 7 pm I got a hold of tickets to watch the Men’s Rugby at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, which would start the next morning – keep in mind that I was a 7 hours drive from Rio.

We packed the car and drove through the night, making it just in time to have breakfast and head to the arena. It was super fun and surely an experience I won’t forget soon.

Watching these players perform what I have for an hobby at the highest level was mind blowing at times. And, of course, the Fijian win was the perfect end to the story. A lot of lessons there.

Here’s a bunch of selfies I took in between matches.

Espírito Santo Roadtrip

This past week I reunited with my friends from University on the southern coast of Espírito Santo. We were around Guarapari for three days, than four more in Vila Velha and a day-trip to Vitória. We had loads of fun despite the weather – even managed to give my first try at surfing, which I really enjoyed and plan on carry on learning. Continue lendo “Espírito Santo Roadtrip”

Just Humans… Being

“Just Humans… Being” is a series done by my great friend Paul Archer. He takes portraits of people and ask them “What is it to be Human?”. Paul is a photographer from London, UK and is currently working in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’ve had the opportunity to start working with him a bit lately and it has been one of the most enjoyable learning experiences I’ve ever had. This picture was taken while we were playing around with a camera at his studio, below it is my answer.

“I feel the most human when I’m with other humans sharing experiences, so I guess it has to be something along these lines”

To check out more from this series go to